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Continuing Education

Sorbonne University trains more than 9,000 people each year in the framework of ongoing professional development, thanks to the expertise of its academic researchers.


  • Helping companies to develop the skills of their employees.
  • Responding to the need of professionals, job seekers, or retired people for new skills to enable career progression, retraining or reorientation.
  • Promoting the exchange of know-how and skills between the academic and business communities.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Continuing Education Department at Sorbonne University is to promote ongoing education from all disciplines at Sorbonne University.

Continuing Education Opportunities

In English

Sorbonne University offers short courses in English in the following domains:
– In Biosciences-animal experimentation: 

– In Biosciences-Epigenics: initiation to chromatinandmethylated DNA immunoprecipitation
– In Geosciences: from outcrops to seismic acquisition and interpretation

In addition to the above short courses, Sorbonne University’s continuing education department is equipped to tailor any of its courses in terms of content and can also offer the course in English. Please contact the Continuing Education Division for more information.

In French
Short courses in French, from 1 to 5 days, based on the university’s research and innovation potential (all links below are to the French site):

Tailor-made short courses are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the professions and the demands of companies and institutions. Science and engineering laboratory visits and healthcare immersion courses are offered. The Continuing Education Department also organizes seminars, workshops and conferences on specific themes or subjects on demand from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

French National Diplomas and Qualifications

  • Over 60 national diplomas are available primarily in French (some of which can be accessed with the personal training account (CPF): a DAEU (a baccalaureate equivalence to enable access to higher education), bachelor’s, master’s and engineering degrees, and PhDs.
  • We offer support within the framework of the returning to studies: information, advice and individualised programs, from DAEU B (in science) to PhD.


  • Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) and individual or collective support, available in English

A VAE will validate professional experience with a view to earning all or part of a degree: bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, engineering degrees and university diplomas. The VAE allows access to degree programs without having the required qualification; it also enables adults to obtain part of a professional diploma, or even the full diploma. This may result from professional and personal experience, from the exercise of trade or associative responsibilities or previous training. The VAE is therefore both an official recognition of prior learning, an essential tool in the process of lifelong learning, and a way to reduce the time spent on an education program.  

  • Validation of personal and professional achievements, available in English

The VAPPP allows people to resume studies without having the required diploma. The continuing education department can offer the validation of studies, professional experience, or personal achievements for access to the different levels of higher education (VAPPP).

The University Expertise

Sorbonne University is known for its critical mass of very high-level research in a very broad disciplinary continuum, leadership and a high density of research in all major fields. This expertise has been shown to meet the expectations of a host of companies and local authorities, to support and train their employees with curricula adapted to their needs.

Sorbonne University makes its educational platforms and resources available to companies. (Fablab and MOOC of the Faculties of Science and Engineering, Medicine, and Arts and Humanities).

Some of our courses are accessible in whole or in part by distance learning.

Sorbonne University Accreditations and Listing

Financial support is therefore possible for vocational training for the entire Sorbonne University catalogue.

National diplomas are registered in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification), some of our short courses and university degrees (UD) prepare for certifications listed in the specific Directory, and some of what we offer is listed in the French CPF (Personal Training Account).

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