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Domaine : Sciences du vivant   -   Thématique(s) : Expérimentation animale et physiologie

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Maintenance of skills for the use of live animals for scientific purposes #2: experimental projects, severity of experimental procedures (Rodents)

In addition to specific training, the use of live animals for scientific purposes requires a continuous training of 3 days every 6 years.
This training day validates one day of continuing education to be included in the skills booklet.

Dates : Lieu : Campus Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris (Jussieu) Tarif : 450 €
Modalité : Distanciel Présentiel


  • have fundamental knowledge of the physiology of pain
  • recognize the signs of pain and to adopte appropriate care and monitoring strategies
  • be able to evaluate the degree of severity of an experimental procedure; assigning a procedure to a particular category
  • know the 3R rule and the ethical device in animal research
  • how to write a project authorization



Technicians, engineers, researchers, teachers-researchers, doctoral students.


Basic knowledges in the use of live animals in scientific purposes  .


  • pain, endpoints, euthanasia
  • evaluation of the severity of an experimental procedure
  • the 3R rule
  • the ethical device in animal research
  • project authorization


  • Lectures.
  • Practical training.
  • Teaching materials, bibliography and documentation are given to the participants.


Validation: Statement of accomplishment.


  • Teaching method adapted to acquire the strategic laws.
  • Instructors: Professor of Genetics and Researcher, experts in use of live animals for scientific purposes.

Pour candidater

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Hélène Hardin-Pouzet

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Marie-Noëlle Fiamma

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Competency Development Action Category:

(Article L6313-1 of the Labour Code)
Training action

For DATES : contact us.

Number of participants: from  4 to 20.

Language:The course can be provided in english or french upon request.